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                                                                                                                   CONTAINER HAULAGE

How to choose 20GP single back/double back or 40 empty delivery/allocation:

(1) Base on the weight of the cabinet: if the weight of the two 20GP is not overweight, it can be double back, and the freight will be relatively less; If the total weight of the two 20GP is overweight, it can only be carried on one side, and the freight will also be increased. Of course, whether double backs are available depends on whether the fleet or our own company has the cargo to be loaded at the same time at the nearest location.

(2) Base on the loading time: the trailer double-back general fleet is the first to consign two 20GP empty boxes to the factory far away to load, after loading and then consign two 20GP (one has been loaded, one to be loaded) to the nearby factory to load two empty boxes, usually one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Therefore, if the factory does not explicitly inform that it must arrive in the morning and can accept the packing in the afternoon or even in the evening, then the 20GP double back can be chosen and the freight will be relatively less. If the factory explicitly requires early loading in the morning, it can only choose single back, and the freight will naturally increase.

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